June 20, 2016

british columbia in June

I have been MIA lately - summer in Seattle is just too beautiful. I've been (trying) to garden and spend as much time outside as I can between working a lot, being a mom and working on my goal to get better sleep. Why do I love sleep so much but have the hardest time getting myself to bed at a reasonable hour?! I blame it on the ice cream and TV.
the view from our tent!
I am finally blogging about our beautiful trip to Whistler! David and I have been wanting to get away for a weekend for a while now but we don't have all the babysitters at our disposal like we did when we lived in San Diego or Arizona. Luckily, my sister can fly for free on Southwest so she flew up here so we could go. I'm so grateful because David and I haven't had any alone time together since Louisa was born almost two years ago! We were so excited to get away and I took this picture when we got in the car. I think our faces say it all! Haha!
We drove up to Nairn Falls the first night and camped at the beautiful Nairn Falls Provincial Park. Our campsite had the most stunning view and was right on the river. We got there after dark so we didn't really get the full affect of our view until the next morning. I got out of our tent and was like, "WOW!"
We hiked up to Nairn Falls, stopped for snacks, took pictures, dipped our toes in the freezing water and talked about all kinds of stuff that we wouldn't be able to, uninterrupted, with the kids around. It was pretty fabulous. The falls were really spectacular too. These pictures don't do justice to the power and sound of the rushing water.
We stayed at Nairn Falls for a couple of days with no internet, no showers and no phone reception so we literally just relaxed and read our books and napped. It was so heavenly. We both agreed that we could have happily stayed there for the rest of our trip.
Also, you can't beat gourmet camp food. We also ate Organic Beef Keilbasa Dogs in Brioche Buns with tons of mustard cause mustard is the best.
But onward! We drove to Whistler and checked into a hotel. I did NOT mind getting to take a shower and go to the bathroom indoors. It was hot too so we were happy to have air conditioning and eat at good restaurants. On the hottest day (disclaimer: it was like 90 degrees but I don't do hot) we took the gondola up to the top of Whistler Mountain and hiked up to the top of the glacier. It was actually harder than either of us had anticipated but the ice and snow walls felt really awesome. The view was pretty spectacular too!

He wins 1st place in my book any day! 

We rented bikes from our hotel and rode around the lake and it was really beautiful but you guys - I haven't ridden a bike in years and this was a mountain bike (which, for the record, is THE WORST) and I was SO stressed out. I ended up leaving David early to go ride around for the remaining time while I relaxed. It was a good idea.
You can't beat this view for riding bikes though! I mean, seriously! Can you even?! It was gorgeous!!!
It was beautiful and so wonderful to spend some QT with my man. I love him more and more and really enjoy just spending time with him. It's pretty great to be living my life with someone who I love and also like.


  1. How beautiful.... and relaxing. I'm glad you were able to get away and enjoy each other.

  2. Such a beautiful world. Everything looks so peaceful.
    You look like a happy couple, thank you for sharing


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