January 3, 2016

that's a wrap: 2015

Well, another year has come and gone. I'll admit that 2015 was pretty rotten, in my book. It seems a lot of people felt this way and I'm glad to say "sayonara" to last year. I won't say that nothing good came from the year, because I did learn a lot of valuable lessons, but good grief! It was a rough year!
We celebrated New Year's with lots of food... like any of you are surprised to read that. I am definitely not at my ideal weight but you know what? Life is short and I am going to eat good food. However, my lack of exercise needs to up the ante. I'm joining all the other New Year's resolutionists and starting back at the gym until the weather gets nice again and I can resume my jogging on the trail. I've missed it!
New Year's Eve is always kind of a bust when you have little kids. It's nearly impossible to find a babysitter and we're all too tired to stay up late anyway! But, I did try to make it fun for our little family. I took a couple of pictures of these cute boys in front of the Christmas tree before we took it down. I'll miss the glow but it's nice to have things all cleaned up and back to normal!
I set the table and served a few appetizers throughout the evening. Pears, cinnamon toasted walnuts, Point Reyes blue cheese and raw honey was my favorite!
I made David's favorite, potstickers, as a nod to our New Year's Eve traditional Chinese food. They're always a big hit with my kids. I also made a crudite plate with some dip and then later, David grilled up some rib eye steaks for us after the kids went to bed. It was lots of deliciousness!
After dinner I broke out the glosticks, turned off the lights and put some music on and we danced our hearts out. It was so fun! I'm not much of a dancer (in fact, I'm pretty terrible) but when your partners are a 6-year-old, 3-year-old and 18 month old... they don't judge. Haha!
The next morning, I made granola parfaits with coconut pistachio granola for breakfast. I usually make √¶bleskivers on New Year's but I was out of butter (heaven help me) so I made them the next morning with buttermilk syrup. Worth it.
Then we drove up to Steven's Pass and tried to go to the ski resort to go sledding but could not get a parking spot! It was packed, and for good reason, because there was tons of fresh powder. So we drove down the mountain a bit and let the kids throw around the icy parts. Haha. They didn't mind.
Here's hoping that 2016 brings lot of health, happiness and memories for our family! We are really grateful for all that we have.


  1. I agree about New Year's with young kids - just sort of ho hum. My 22 year old cousin was staying with us and went out dancing. I lived vicariously through her while celebrating New York New Years (9pm in CA) with my husband and kiddos.
    Would you consider sharing your æbleskiver recipe? My grandma always made them for my Daniish grandpa and I would love to make them for my kids.
    Happy 2016! I wish you the best!

  2. Love your sweet blog...just one of three I read :) Fun to read of your Christmas and New Year's adventures...the stuff happy memories are made of...and if I could ever get lucky enough to eat some of your food, it would be the stuff my dreams would be made of...way better than sugar plum fairies...Happy New Year!


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