January 14, 2016

house tour: basement closet

I have no other name for this spider-infested closet in our basement, except the "Harry Potter" closet. Which is really no big surprise since I'm a big Potterhead! This tiny closet is currently storing some chairs and is the home to lots of spiders and other critters, I'm sure. We keep the door closed all the time and try to keep the kids out of there as much as possible since David had to rip off some drywall to fix a leak. I don't want the kids messing with those pipes so we put a bookcase and the piano in front of it on the other side of the wall.
There are all kinds of ideas on Pinterest for ways people are using closets similar to this one. From mudrooms to homework stations to food storage to playrooms, but for our purposes, I'd like to have it be a small reading nook. Just somewhere cute and cozy for the kids to hang out. William is an introvert and really needs his own space sometimes to be alone and recoop. Especially since he and Fritz share a room, I feel like a private little space would be helpful for him. And honestly, I would like to be able to use it sometimes too!
There's not a ton of work to do in here since it's such a small space but I still created a design board to help me visualize a plan (BTW, if you're looking for some help with e-design, check out my design page). I've been wanting to use this dog wallpaper somewhere in our house but wallpaper is expensive! This tiny little space would probably be small enough to afford it. Plus, my kids are obsessed with dogs so I think it would be perfect. I also love how it's a pretty classic pattern that feels very English to me.

I love the little yellow chair. I feel like it's small enough for this little closet but I wouldn't mind putting in a built-in bench against the back wall with a cushion and some pillows. However, I think adding in some carpet and then laying on top a faux-sheepskin rug would majorly add to the cozy factor in here to allow for seating. And I've had my eye on that stripe ottoman forever! It would also work as extra seating.

Then I'd love to put some IKEA spice rack bookshelves on the wall along with a frame chalkboard, colorful art and, if space allows, maybe a small basket for stuffed animals (since we have a million and they're all over my house). I love to use pretty baskets to corral blankets and toys around my house. It makes keeping things tidy so much easier!

Dog Wallpaper
Yellow Chair
Faux-Sheepskin Rug
Buffalo Check Pillow
Stripe Ottoman
Framed Chalkboard
Animal Art
Hello Beauty Full Art (which I'll probably make myself)
Star Pendant

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  1. I'm loving all these pictures of your house! Even though I haven't been to visit--YET, I feel like I kind of have... But I still want to come!


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