November 23, 2015

snow weekend

Will has been asking about snow for weeks now. He's heard rumblings at school that it might snow here and he's been asking when it was going to snow at our house. I haven't had the heart to tell him that it doesn't always snow in Seattle but we've been excited to take an hour drive up to the ski resort. It was really beautiful. I love snow. Everything looks magical but I really appreciate living about a hour away from it and not having to deal with shoveling, scraping and slipping on a daily basis for months.
I couldn't stop (won't stop) taking pictures of Louisa because she was cracking us up with her funny laugh. She recently started doing this really throaty, deep chuckle... like an old man. It's so cute. She was thrilled to see snow for the first time and couldn't stop laughing and squealing with delight, which made us all laugh and squeal with delight at her adorableness. Gosh, we love her!
The boys loved having a snowball fight. William's dream came true. we made a snowman (which some other kid kicked over minutes after we walked away - c'est la vie) and Will made a snow angel. We also brought a sled, which the boys were convinced was going to be super fun, but when we actually started to use it, they were out.
their love melts me.
Then we came home and I made coq au vin + mashed potatoes for dinner. Cause what better way to warm up from a chilly day in the snow than a big pot of flavorful braised chicken? Yum town.

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  1. Adorable..... Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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