August 26, 2015

house tour: downstairs bathroom

I have been thinking about what we'd like to do with our bathrooms. We have three bathrooms in our house but only one is currently useable for showers and baths. Our master has an en suite but the shower has a leak that we have yet to get fixed. For now, that bathroom gets minimal use and we mostly use the hallway bathroom (i.e. kids' bathroom). I'll blog about that another day but since I've started dreaming about what I'd like to do to our basement, I've started considering options for the downstairs bathroom. I made a room board to help me design a plan and as a guide as we go along with our plans. If you're interested in hiring me for a room board, check out this page here. :)
Like the rest of the basement, the bathroom is really sad and creepy. It has lots of spiders and a toilet that clogs constantly. I am too scared to open the medicine cabinet and the drawers on the vanity. That's how creepy it is. It currently reminds me of the bathroom at my dad's old lumber yard or other construction site bathrooms. Haha. David scraped off the popcorn ceiling, like the rest of the house but otherwise, nothing else has been done.
We don't have a huge budget for this room so we'll need to keep as much as possible to save money. Paint will do a lot to this room. David will skim coat the walls in the basement, like he did upstairs, which will help the walls look nice when we paint. I like the idea of painting the walls a darker, slate blue and then adding in lots of white with navy (buffalo check and stripes), light blue and greens... maybe I love to decorate with those colors a little too much... It has a shower/tub drain but no shower so I'd like to add some kind of shower/tub combo against the window/wall. Adding that will help increase the value of the house because we'll have an additional full bath.
- skim coat, prime + paint walls (maybe BM Hale Navy or RL Lancaster Blue?)
- install hex tile floors (this may be a pipe dream but we'll see what our budget is like)
- rip out medicine cabinet
- hang mirror and vanity sconce
- paint vanity + add hardware
- new sink faucet
- replace/repair toilet
- install (semi)flush mount light
- install shower/tub (in reality, it'll probably be something more like this)
- shower curtain/linens
- storage cabinet


  1. We are at the exact same spot at our house, i just bought some stuff from Ikea for our downstairs bathroom and i love the navy blue on the wall... i find it so difficult to stay on a budget because everything that i like is ALWAYS the most expensive option. So good luck with all the renovation!

  2. We just finished redoing our basement bathroom. The basement had been used by the previous owners for storage but we wanted to make it a more active part of our home so we redid the actually room down there first. We added a pretty big pull down screen and projector so we can watch movies and now onto the bathroom.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  3. What a beautiful bathroom you have created. It is so simple and elegant. Your style is very similar to my own and when we renovated our downstairs bathroom with the help of a heating and plumbing company, I too went for a simple and classic suite. Instead of painting the walls though, I went for large white tiles.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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