July 21, 2015

scenic beach park

Last weekend, we drove over to Seabeck to Scenic Beach Park. It was the perfect day to go to the beach. We brought sandwiches and some watermelon on ice and relaxed on the water. One thing that we miss about Southern California (among many things) is the sandy beaches. The beaches here are great and we love having so many to choose from close by, but it's really a different experience with all the rocks. That said, we did enjoy looking for fun shaped rocks and I collected a bunch of sun-bleached oyster shells for a project I'm working on. Maybe I'll blog about it later if it doesn't turn out totally stupid.
Louisa was tired but she was a good sport. She LOVES her papa!
Fritz, doing what Fritz does best... "Cheese!"
I love this girl's little "buckies" as David's family calls them. She's starting to get more teeth now and I'll be sad to see this funny face go.
She also loves her bread. She's my daughter, for sure! We had a rough time keeping the rocks out of baby girl's mouth but we persevered. It was a beautiful day and I would love to go back soon!

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