July 1, 2015

house tour: guest bedroom progress

Before my in-laws arrived last week, David and I worked really hard on getting the guest room ready. I blogged a little bit about the progress and my plan here. Even though it's definitely not done yet, it's at least clean and acceptable for house guests so I am posting some pictures of the progress. The changes we made are purely decorative but it feels so much better in there! Here's how it looked before.

And a couple of progress shots:
Here's the to-do list for this room. I crossed off the things we've done so far:

- scrape off popcorn ceiling
- paint ceiling fan
- paint walls
- bed skirt
- hang art
- new rug
- headboard
- remove mini blinds and hang drapes
- replace mill work and doors
- replace linoleum floors with carpet
- bedding
- decorative pillows
- bring down dresser from upstairs
- bench for end of bed


  1. LOVE IT!! Hard to believe that's the same room! You're amazing. ❤️

  2. It looks so crisp and clean! Love the bedding. I was wondering how you like the rug? I'm considering buying it for my living room, but I'm wondering how comfy it will be. Maybe it's better for a bedroom?

    1. The rug is great but it's definitely not soft and comfortable. It's a flat weave so it's a little scratchy and "flat". It'll be great to go over carpet once we can put that in the room. If we were planning on keeping the hard surface floors in there, I would have bought a wool rug (which are also way more expensive).

  3. this looks great! great job on executing your ideas! love it.

  4. It looks beautiful! Will you share where you got your duvet cover?

  5. Love the bench at the end of the bed. I've been looking all over for one exactly like it. Is it a storage bench and would love to know where you bought it??

    1. It's from Home Goods but check out Overstock.com. They have lots of great options!

    2. Thank you!!!! Love Home Goods!!


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