June 22, 2015

Olympic Peninsula: Day One

We spent this last weekend in the Olympic Peninsula with my in-laws and oh my - it was beautiful! David's parents and his two sisters drove up from California and we spent Thursday taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island and then driving up to Lake Crescent with a few stops along the way. Be prepared for picture overload because with a backdrop like this one, I couldn't stop myself from snapping all the shots!
David's sister found the most charming place in the world called Lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Forest. They are historic little cabins (and a big lodge) built in 1914 and it's very secluded and peaceful - no TV or Wifi and limited reception. It was so beautiful, it almost felt like it was fake. Definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Our cabin was just steps away from the lake and this is what we woke up to.

The boys were in heaven, throwing rocks over and over again into the lake. We wore funny mustaches, roasted marshmallows over the fire, walked along the beach while looking for pretty rocks and sticks.
By evening, a storm was blowing in but it stays light really late into the evening so around 8:00, David decided he was going to go for a swim. It was really cold but he said it wasn't as bad as the time he took a dip in the Baltic Sea when we went to Denmark. He's very brave.
And this little nut is just too cute. I love her and she loves me!


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