April 21, 2015

lela visits

My dear friend, Lela, came to visit last week from San Diego and it was seriously JUST what I needed. I know I've mentioned Lela before and how much I love her, but Lela is one of those people who lights up everyone's lives. I don't know anyone who doesn't like her. She is a friend to everyone and is just an all around awesome person. I was trying to pinpoint why it is that everyone just loves her and I think it comes down to her just being incredibly non-judgmental and easy going. She is accepting of everyone and never criticizes other people's flaws. She recognizes that we're "all fighting a hard battle" and she is gentle with others and always give people the benefit of the doubt. I love her for that, since my flaws are countless! She is also beautiful, fun, creative, full of faith, strong (physically and emotionally) and a food lover (that commonality alone makes our friendship go round). I miss living by her so much so it was wonderful having her here for a few days.
Beecher's mac 'n cheese for the win!
Last year, Lela was running on the beach (cause that's how she do) and seriously jacked her knee. Someone had dug a huge hole in the sand (don't do that!) and she fell into it as she was running. She hyper-extended her knee and tore every single tendon and ligament in her knee. Bad. Like, "the worst knee injury ever" bad. Anyway, she has had a couple of surgeries now and is in terrible pain and has been dealing with tons of hard stuff but she's the kind of friend who finds out that I was having a hard time (that's another post for another day) so she jumps on a plane and comes to see me.
the spring bouquets at Pike Place are stunning!
cute boys + delicious carbs are a match made in heaven.
We didn't do very much by way of exciting site seeing or anything but we did eat a lot of good food and enjoyed some pretty stellar spring weather. We also talked and laughed and snuggled and ate a lot of ice cream. I am so grateful to David for coming home from work a little early every night and telling us to go out every night while he put all the kids to bed. He's the best! We hit up Pike Place, Din Tai Fung and found my new favorite restaurant here, DERU Market in Kirkland. Lela and I loved it! I can't wait to go back with David.
We also hit up Snoqualmie Falls one day when the weather was particularly fine. Seriously, spring in Seattle is KILLING it. I didn't take any good pictures but I stole some of these from Lela's blog. Thanks girl! And thank you a million for coming to visit! 


  1. She's a keeper! So glad you guys got time together. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it down to steal some hugs. We will have to make her come up again soon!

  2. Precious time with girlfriends is the best!

  3. You're way kinder than I deserve. I just wubb you. ❤️


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