December 22, 2014

christmas cousins dinner

We had Sunday dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's house and, as always, it was a good time with family. We ate WAY too much good food (Lion House orange rolls, butternut/kabocha squash curry soup, artichoke dip, cowboy caviar, chicken enchiladas, antipasti platter and a chocolate bundt cake - it was all delicious!) and exchanged gifts.
The cousins had so much fun playing together. The adults were sitting around talking and we commented on how we hadn't seen the kids in a while. William and Beck, especially (since they're older), just went off on their own and played. It really makes me so happy to see our kids growing up together. I love watching them forge these relationships that I dreamed about them having when we were trying to figure out a way to move to Seattle.
Fritz entertained us with his funny expressions while opening his gifts. He was super excited to be able to finally rip off the wrapping paper, having demolished a few of ours already under the tree at home.
And then Stephen put on one of Margot's earrings and became George Michael for a minute and it made me laugh.

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