November 10, 2014

to market, to market

We've had a few beautiful days here last week and Saturday didn't disappoint. So, to Pike Place we went (spoiler alert: this whole post is about food - surprise, surprise)! No matter how many times I go there, I never get sick of it! I'm obsessed. Our first stop is always to get some mini donuts from Daily Dozen. We are nuts over those little maple and cinnamon nuggets! Fritz enjoyed licking off the tops of his donut from Dad's shoulders whilst giving me dirty looks. He's been doing that a lot lately. Oh, that kid. I sure love him! I forgot how difficult two-year-olds are!!!
Those donuts are the perfect size for little hands!
I'd say my favorite part of the market (other than the raspberry croissant from La Panier) are the AMAZING $10 (!) bouquets. They seriously blow me away every time. Of course, I forgot to get enough cash this time so I had to pass on this gorgeous cabbage rose bouquet. It nearly broke my heart to leave it there!
I did, however, have enough money to buy some fresh produce. I had to swallow back a cheer when I saw fresh chestnuts for sale - this poor, deprived Arizona girl has never seen those before! It's like all my dreams are coming true! I also snagged some amazing grapes that I just polished off and now I'm dreaming about. They were incredible!
Then, we went to Beecher's for lunch because... well, if you've had Beecher's, you know why. The boys thoroughly enjoyed watching the cheese being made through the glass while we enjoyed our tomato soup. Seattle, you treat us right! This weekend went by too fast. We love having David home and just spending time together as a family.

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