November 19, 2014

iPhone lately

Even though my old iPhone 4s has been through the ringer, it's still my most used camera source so I definitely want to document some of the things happening lately. Fritz has given up his "formal" nap time. It's brutal for everyone involved. He usually takes a 30 minute cat nap on the way home from picking up William from school, but he's even stopped doing that some days. Some days, though, he is so tired that he falls asleep on the couch while I'm doing dishes and vacuuming. Ha!
Bambi visited our front yard the other day and enjoyed the fallen apples off our tree. The boys were freaking out! William saw him/her first and ran inside with the most adorably excited look on his face. We were pretty thrilled about it but probably won't be when they start eating our plants.
The park by our house is so beautiful. A couple of weeks ago I took the boys (+ their scooters) and we rode them down to the playground/boat dock. The trees were so bright and colorful and it was clear and sunny. A perfect autumn park day. We've had quite a few of those actually, so that's been a treat!
Sometimes I sneak into Louisa's bedroom while she naps and just coo over her. She is so beautiful and I love her so much!
She also is finally fitting into her winter coat so I decked her out in her warm clothes as we were getting ready to go to the park the other day. She looked so funny and cute so I decided to take a picture of her and the boys wanted to lay down by her too. They dote on her and it makes me really happy. This picture is so funny to me though, cause Fritz has one volume level - shouting. She doesn't love it.
In other news, I finally got a warm coat! And did my hair! What fun! Ha.

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  1. Fall leaves, deer, and cute kiddies. I love it all Mama! ❤️


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