November 5, 2014

house tour: play room

One of my favorite things about the house we are renting is this little bonus room at the back of the house that we turned into a play room. We bought an IKEA Expedit unit and filled it with IKEA baskets to put all the toys in. The boys are so happy to have their toys and books out again! David's parents also gave us an old school (literally) desk that William loves to sit and color and do art projects. I love having all the toys contained in the back of the house, which also makes it great for keeping the kid noise back there when we have friends + cousins over! I hope that we can have something like this in our next house cause it's been awesome!


  1. A bright room filled with daylight plus fun goodies for little guys. I can imagine how content you and the boys are, Lizzy!


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