November 2, 2014

five years happy

William is 5! He is:

Fetching: I mean, look at him! He is one good looking kid! :)
Inventive: he loves to make up games (and rules!) and create new ways of doing things.
Venturesome: one of William's catch phrases is "let's have an adventure!". I love that he has that adventurous streak in him!
Eager: he is eager to please. I appreciate that he is so helpful to me and gets a lot of pleasure out of serving in our family. I would worry about people taking advantage of being a "people pleaser", but I also know how strong-minded and determined he is, so I don't stress about it too much.
We love you so much, William! You are such a happy, bright spot in our family and I feel so lucky to be your mom!


  1. Happy Birthday, William.
    You are a lovely boy! Have a nice day (-:
    Greetings from The Netherlands, Europe


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