June 4, 2014

beaching weather

David's dad recently turned 70 so we went to celebrate in San Diego last weekend. It was lovely and so nice of David's parents to put together this time for the family to be together! The boys were thrilled to get to spend so much time with "Gramma", "Pampa" and Aunt "Beff" (and they missed Aunt "Leese"). It was also just the right amount of warmth but still cool and balmy - perfect beach weather. The boys loved it and got some fantastic tan lines. There was lots of digging (including a big hole with two carved out seats for the boys, courtesy of David), bare buns, pickle eating and I even got to finish reading a book! It was like heaven! Usually I'm at the beach by myself with the kids (which is anything but relaxing)! Then Fritz crashed at the hotel while we were making all kinds of racket. He was exhausted.
buried in the sand with Aunt Beth.
wading with "Pampa"
digging with Grandma
On Friday, we went to George's at the Cove in La Jolla with just David's parents and sister. It was nice to talk and enjoy the sunset over some delicious food. Their summer seasonal dish (herb crusted wild halibut with fresh corn, sugar snap peas and tomatoes) is delicious, as is their smoked chicken and black bean soup. A big thanks to David's parents for making this wonderful weekend happen! It was filled with lots of memory making and good times!


  1. *looks up on internet how expensive is halibut* That looks delicious. What a fun day!
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  2. Great pics of wonderful family time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pictures! Looks like a fine time by everyone - sorry I couldn't be there. I know my dad loved it!

  4. Great pics - looks like a fine time was had by everyone. Stinks I couldn't be there! I know my dad loved it.


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