May 28, 2014

road trip

I'm often teased about how often we go to San Diego (I mean, "Sahn Dee-ah-go"), but when it's 105 here in Arizona already, can you blame us? David's dad is turning 70 this weekend so we'll be beaching it up and enjoying some good weather for the next few days (I'm hoping to sneak away for a pedicure too!). Plus my dearest girl friends are throwing me a baby shower and it makes me feel all weepy when I think about what good friends they are.
I've been bad at blogging lately and documenting these last few weeks of pregnancy (almost 36 weeks!) but I'm resolved to do better starting next week. I don't want to forget what it's been like to be pregnant with my sweet baby girl. I'll hopefully have lots of pictures of our beautiful, relaxing weekend in paradise next week!


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