April 30, 2014

these kids are b-a-n-a-n-a-s

These two. Seriously, parenthood is a trip. We are constantly cracking up at the funny things they do and say. The other night, David put them to bed while I finished cleaning up the kitchen and then we were laying on the bed in our room, talking about a few things. Thirty minutes later, I got up to get a drink of water and noticed that the light in the boys' room was on, which was down the hall. I went in and William is in Fritz's crib and they are just chowing down on a bunch of bananas. You should've seen their faces! Ha! I couldn't help but laugh. Kids are the best.
It got me thinking about all the wonderful things that we experience as parents and how a sense of humor is the ONLY way to deal with the craziness. My friend texted me the other day to say that her son came out of the public bathroom with only one shoe on. She asked where his other shoe was and he said that it was in the toilet because he fell in while trying to spy on his brother in the next stall. I was busting up when I heard that (and when I read this other story about him on this post - still laughing!).

As Jim Gaffigan says (in this clip), "Babies are magic! They're the worst roommates. If you had a roommate that did one of the things that a newborn does, you'd be like, 'you're moving out'." It's so true and even though I know all too well about the sleepless nights, messes and utter chaos that is waiting me on the other side of this pregnancy, I can't help but be so excited because babies ARE magic! 

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