March 10, 2014

weekend eats

We got to go out twice this weekend! It was like heaven. My niece, Mary, is the best babysitter and I am so grateful to have her only a five minute drive away. First, David and I went out to La Bocca in Tempe and it was so fun to just talk. We don't get to do that very often and it's my favorite thing to do on a date. I'm happiest to eat at a nice restaurant with great food for a couple of hours and then head home to watch a movie with a treat. Our dating life is sure simple since we became exhausted parents! :)
We got the yummiest bruschetta and then I ordered the Mediterranean plate which was full of good foods to eat like basil hummus, babaganoush with warm feta, roasted red peppers, olives and house made flat bread. It was huge and I enjoyed it the next day for lunch - definitely ordering that again!
And maybe, we walked over to Rita's afterward from some mango gelati. Yum...
On Saturday night, we went out with my sister, Alice, and her husband, Jay. You can always count on lots of laughter when Jay is around and last night was no different. We went to The Grind in Phoenix and I am still dreaming about all the food, but especially these warm doughnuts with salted butterscotch. I can't even... I love food.
David also got their homemade Sonoran root beer on tap and it was so good! We love a good root beer. I didn't get a burger but David's enormous burger with candied jalapeƱos, fried ratatouille and wild arugula was pretty epic. If you're in the area, definitely go here!

Date night FTW!

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