March 31, 2014

dads and sons

Last Friday night, David took William and Frederick to our ward's Fathers & Sons camp out at Sycamore Creek. It was kind of last minute since we hadn't been planning on them going, but with all the things I had to bake and put together for Fritz's birthday party on Saturday morning, David volunteered to take both boys. They were so excited and talked about it all day. William told me about how there was going to be a big bonfire and they were going to roast "mushrooms" (he meant marshmallows) and "star wars" (he meant Starbursts) just like at the ranch! I love when he says the wrong words for things... it reminds me that he's still little.
I just have to brag about David for a minute. I agree with the whole "a good relationship isn't expressed daily on Facebook" thing but sometimes I just have to go with my main love language and shout from the rooftops how grateful I am for him. I had promised myself that I wasn't going to go overboard with Fritz's second birthday but my "simple" birthday party plans started to get a little much for me. The cleaning of the house alone was making me so tired and the party was in the back yard. We had a ton of leaves and dirt blown all around the back patio from some windy days and the patio was covered with the boys' toys and chairs strewn around. I also needed to have some tables and chairs set up, which is kind of hard to do when I'm enormously pregnant. On top of that, I was also trying to get the boys packed up and ready to go on their camp out and knew that David wasn't going to be back in the morning until right before the party started. I was so stressed out about having to blow off the back patio with the leaf blower, clean up the house, go to three different stores for supplies, bake the cake and all the other food, etc. When I have a lot of stuff to do, I tend to get paralyzed and just stress about everything on my list instead of actually doing it! Am I the only one who does that?

Just as he got home from work, I was leaving the house to make a last minute run to Costco. I hadn't told David about my stress since I was just grateful that he had volunteered to take both boys on an overnight camp out but I was planning on a very late night staying up to complete my to-do list! When we got back about 30 minutes later, I arrived home to a completely clean house. David had cleaned up the entire back yard, blown off the patio and it was spotless and ready to decorate. He had picked up all the toys all over the house, finished packing the boys' overnight bag, done the dishes and then brought in all the groceries. I swear he has magical powers and is so sweet to do all that for me, without even having to ask! I think being married to someone whose love language is service is starting to rub off on me, because it made me love him so much!
Anyway, the boys had a good time. They loved throwing rocks in the river, saw a snake (which Will says was the highlight for him) before someone chopped off its head with a shovel, watched a movie on a projector and had donuts made in the dutch oven. I had a great time too! Watching cheesy movies in the kitchen while I baked away in my comfiest clothes was kind of the best (and I even got to sleep in). It was a win-win! 


  1. That is what family is all about and how lucky for your sons to have such a great role model.

  2. Plus he apparently had camera skills! These are gorgeous pics of your boys in the outdoors!


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