February 14, 2014

we love pancakes

Hey! It turns out that I can be festive for a holiday! It always surprises me that I don't do all the crafty, creative things that I always thought I would before I became a mom, but the truth is: I just feel no desire. But I'm trying to be better at creating fun memories for my kids so they can say, "My family's tradition was ________". So, here I am early on Valentine's Day morning, attempting to make the saddest little pancake hearts you ever did see. It's OK though because I have a few more years before these littles start to notice that they're less than perfect. Happy day of love to you all! I hope that everyone, single or attached, feels that they are loved. XOXO


  1. Cute! They don't have to perfect - just heartfelt ;) Happy Valentines' Day!

  2. The i spy valentines from yesterday are totally cute and creative! Those count! I'm not as crafty as I thought I'd be either. :)

  3. We stopped off for pink donuts on the way to the gym and then ordered pizza for dinner. All your homemade goodness is pure awesome possum. Love the "I spy" and I know your pancakes are the best tasting in town. Don't get me started on the pot de creme...Oi. Happy love day Love!! LelaLove loves your face!! Xoxo

  4. Pancakes are a gift from God. What a cute idea to make hearts... I'll have to try that. :)
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: There are crickets on the blog. http://bit.ly/1iZ5cNy


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