February 26, 2014

top 5 favorite crying moments

This is a super random post but today I was thinking about some of my favorite movie moments ever. It's hard to choose because there are a lot of great funny moments in movies and plenty of clever scenes that deserve recognition, but to me, these are the most "emotion stirring" scenes. This, in my opinion, is some of the best acting from some of my favorite movies. I love watching a movie and feeling like I just want to "mom hug" one of the characters, or cry with them (out of joy or sadness). Warning: don't watch these at work or something because it's very likely you will cry... hard, especially #4. Also, these contain spoilers so don't watch them if you haven't seen one of the movies and wanted to.

5. Because She Loves You - Little Dorrit

4. Attic Scene (start at 3:05) - Shadowlands

3. Valjean's Soliloquy - Les Miserables

2. Edward Proposes to Elinor - Sense & Sensibility
1. I'd Have to Love Her - Shadowlands


  1. Best crying and laughs and love...Steel Magnolias. Greatest movie ever made. Love me some Stealy Mags.

  2. Totally! That scene with Sally Field at the cemetery is just heart wrenching!!!!

  3. Sigh. And now my eyes are red and puffy. :)

  4. I just watched Sense and Sensibility on valentines day and def cried at that part! I haven't watched shadowlands in years!

  5. If anyone is a fan of the Les Miserables film, come visit us. Most of it was filmed within our London mission boundary and the locations are a quick tour away.


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