February 5, 2014

20 weeks

I'm almost twenty weeks with baby girl - halfway there! Here's an update on this pregnancy for my journal. I have a righteous belly but it is really low this time. I usually carry high which is funny because, according to old wive's tales, it's usually the opposite when carrying a girl. I also have been really craving salty foods over sweet food which is also opposite. Maybe I'm having a boy after all! Ha! Wouldn't that be a trip?! I have really been enjoying shopping for girl clothes and decorating her non-existent nursery. I have actually shown impressive self-restraint. Girl stuff is just too fun!


  1. haha. I had 3 boys before having my daughter and I really didn't believe it until I had her. Girl stuff is so much fun.

  2. Are those pink maternity pants? Super cute! Please share where you got them!

  3. Are those pink pants maternity? Super cute! Please share where you got them. I am 15.5 weeks and in need of cute clothes.


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