January 1, 2014

another year has gone by

Here's how New Year's Eve goes when you have kids... "Hey! Let's do something fun tonight. We should try to get a babysitter so we can go out to dinner and celebrate." (twenty minutes later) "No one is available. How about we order Chinese take-out and put the kids to bed, watch a movie and then we'll pop some Martinelli's at midnight?" (almost two hours later) "The wait at the Chinese restaurant was an hour and a half for take-out! Oh well, let's eat - the dumplings are getting cold." (two hours later - kids are in bed) "What should we watch? Do you want to go rent a RedBox? Me neither. Let's watch another episode of Breaking Bad..." (two hours and two episodes later) "Zzzzzzzz..." (rolls over) "Happy New Year, babe. Good night."

Yep, that was basically our night last night and I'm OK with that. I've been to lots of fun NYE parties over the years and had a lot of fun... and while those days were fun, I also really love these days of getting into pajamas, eating a bowl of ice cream and hanging out with my husband while our beautiful children sleep. What is happening to me?! I am an extrovert through and through but this phase is fleeting. Soon we'll have teenagers who will want to go out with their friends on New Year's Eve to blow up firecrackers and we'll be free to do whatever we want. I like this phase of our little family tucked up safely together under one roof.

2014 started off nicely with Fritz sleeping in until almost 9 a.m. (hallelujah!) Then I cranked George Strait (forever and ever, Amen) while I made baked baguette orange French toast with the best strawberries I've had in a long time. I don't understand how these strawberries from San Diego are this red and glorious in January, but I do know that San Diego is a magical place... that must be why.
We spent the rest of the day doing big yard and house work. It felt good to be so productive. Check out David's impressive chainsaw skills with the backyard Cypress tree! I know. I'm impressed too.
Black bean avocado burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner and a bath and bed for these cuties. Happy New Year's friends! I hope that this year brings you lots of love and happiness!


  1. George Strait is the BOMB. And the cypress looks amazing! I'd be nervous trying to chainsaw something with such precision. Happy New Year! :)

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook

  2. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!
    It will become a special year for you, now you are pregnant. I wish you a healthy pregnancy, Lizzy!
    Enjoy being a mother to such lovely boys!

  3. Happy New Year!!! Adorable photo.

  4. Sounds about right for this season of life! We are there too and loving it!!

    Will you post the recipe for the black bean, avocado burgers?

    1. Hi Beth! It's not my recipe but here's the link. They were just OK, in my opinion, I think the patties needed WAY more seasoning (and were kind of dry) and the sauce needed lime juice and some kick. Give it a try though and maybe mess with it a little, if you dare. :)


    2. You are a doll, thanks! Trying to spice up our rotating menu over here so anything new and healthy helps!! Can't wait to read you latest post. Right up my alley!!!

    3. You are a doll, thanks!! Looking for anything new and healthy to spice up our rotating menu. Excited to read your latest post! Right up my alley!!

  5. Haha! We have those night ALL the time! Especially since we have been watching breaking bad together. I love that time after kiddos are all snug in bed and its time to be lazy and snuggle with the hubs. Sometimes those are the very best nights ever. Happy new year! Excited to have pj movie nights with you next weekend!


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