December 9, 2013

the best christmas pageant ever

Friday night was our ward's Christmas party and there was a nativity play with the Primary children and an orchestra. Since I'm one of the Primary leaders, I was in charge of herding the cats the "shepherd" children to know when to go on (and off and on) stage. It was hilarious and adorably sweet. Some of the children were noisy, some didn't know what to do, some couldn't keep their hands to themselves, some were doing ninja moves on stage and William asked me every few minutes, "Am I gonna be a shepherd now?" He was so very serious and showed very little emotion but I know that inside he was feeling pretty brave about being in front of so many people. I think he even sang a few words to Silent Night. Seriously, little kids are the best thing ever.


  1. Cute cute cute!!! Our Primary is doing a pageant the Sunday before Christmas!! I can't wait!!! Daysen is Joseph and Elizabeth Beesley is stinking cute is that?

    1. Oh, I love it! Daysen as Joseph just makes SENSE.


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