December 27, 2013

christmas 2013

We had another great Christmas. Even though all my decorations and personal things are in storage, it still felt special. I did miss my sentimental ornaments and my favorite things but being in my mom's house, and using her Christmas decorations, felt like home. Then for Christmas Day, we went to David's parents house in California. As the only grandchildren in his family, my boys get LOTS of presents and LOTS of attention. They had a great time.
William's face... Ha!
David's family tradition is to make Mexican food for Christmas Eve. His mom makes the best enchilada sauce and something called Sopa Fideo (browned vermicelli pasta with diced tomatoes and spices). We always have a very delicious feast. Then we sang Christmas carols and told the story of Jesus' birth. After putting the boys to bed, we watched my favorite Christmas movie, "It's A Wonderful Life". 
Will dressed up as Waldo.
And then Rudolph.
It was so fun watching the boys wake up to see what Santa brought them. William had put out a plate of cookies and glass of milk. It was cute to see his reaction to getting the fire truck that he asked for and see the cookies gone. He doesn't seem entirely convinced but I can't tell... Ha! Fritz was entirely happy to have a life-size doggie. William named him "Copper" and he's our family dog until we can get a real one. 
Fritz also loved this Jack-In-The-Box from his grandma. He wanted to do it over and over again. I love his reaction!
A good year indeed. I love our little growing family.


  1. How wonderful!!! Man, I love you guys. I wish I could have kidnapped you for a day while you were so close! That video of Fritz is fantastic--made me want to watch Elf. Ha ha. You look beautiful as ever-- I can't wait to see you soon!!!!!!! Love your face!!!

  2. Was that enough exclamations? Here's a few more. Clearly, I'm excited.


    1. Once again, you win at all the comments! XOXOX

  3. Looks like you had a very merry Christmas. :)

  4. What a wonderful Christmas! It is always extra fun with little children.....William and cute!!
    Love, Mom

  5. Where are those adorable pajamas from? I looked everywhere this year for a cute pair for boys but to no avail. These are fantastic!

  6. Where are those adorable pajamas from? I looked everywhere this year but to no avail, those are perfect for little boys.

  7. Hi Lauren! I agree, the jammies are cute! :) They're from Gap Kids and have the tiniest little Gap bears on them. Very soft and sweet.


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