November 12, 2013

the strong Davids

This spring my brother-in-law, David, signed up my David for the Tough Mudder in San Diego. They were going to do it together with a group of a few more guys and David was excited. Then on the 4th of July, my brother-in-law had a heart attack while jogging around the lake near our family cabin in the mountains. He nearly died and for about a week, we didn't know what his future would hold. It was a terrible, scary time but through lots of miracles and faith he has made a full recovery, though he has been banned by his doctors from competing in any races or vigorous sports. It's a hard thing for him to do since he's very physically active and loves sports but, of course, his health and life is the priority.
After my brother-in-law's heart attack, David wasn't sure if he would do the Tough Mudder but once we found out that my sister and brother-in-law were going to go to San Diego that week, he decided he would do the competition in honor of David. We met them for dinner at George's At the Cove that night and had a great time talking and enjoying a delicious meal. David and I haven't been there in a while and I forgot how much I like it.
David was feeling pretty awesome when a fellow competitor stopped him midway and mistook him for a Navy Seal. Talk about an ego booster - I mean, isn't that the ultimate compliment of a guy? It may have also had something to do with their team shirts (in honor of Lieutenant Michael Murphy - a well-known Navy Seal). He said he had a great time and would do it again. It looked like torture to me (climbing through mud under electrical wires, carrying a 200 pound man across a field, jumping off high platforms into muddy water) but he enjoyed it and that's all that matters.

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