October 14, 2013

the regulars

Last week we went to San Diego for one of my best friend's baby showers, which I'll blog about later because it deserves its own post. Every time I drive (or fly) into San Diego, I feel like I'm home. We only lived there for four years but not a day went by that I wasn't grateful that we lived in paradise. We have really missed going to the awesome San Diego Zoo and Sea World several times a month and since I still have valid annual passes, we hit up both on our first two days there. 
The zoo was fun... until I slipped and fell on the concrete running after Fritz in my awful-soled shoes and (I'm pretty sure) dislocated my tail bone. I've dislocated it before in child birth with Will so this was a familiar feeling. Anyone had this happen to them? Oh, the pain! 
These boys are the best. I love how much they love each other and have so much fun together. Fritz is getting so big and looking really old - it makes me sad that time passes by so quickly but, at the same time, it's fun to see his relationship with William develop as he matures.
Will wanted to see the shark exhibit over and over again. After one of those times, we decided to go see something else and he kept asking to go back. In an effort to change the subject, I asked him if he missed Daddy (since we had been talking about what David was doing earlier). He looked at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes and pouty lip and said, "I miss Daddy a lot. Let's go see the sharks now cause I miss Daddy a lot, a lot!" I was cracking up at his little manipulation tactic!
his sleepy, fully lips just kill me!
Fritz was crazy about the "Pets Rule" show at Sea World (William was too as this age) and it's no surprise since there are dozens of dog performers. I love this "Ooooo!" face that he does. I never tire of seeing the look of wonder on my boys' faces as they observe the beauty of nature. We really do live in a beautiful world.

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  1. So sorry you hurt yourself at the Zoo, but it does remind me of the time we were there visiting my in-laws and my husband slipped and hurt his tailbone. Hope you're already on the mend!


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