October 21, 2013

the finish line

David did a half Ironman Triathlon this weekend. You heard me - my baby is hardcore! If you're not familiar with that athletic competition distances, a half Ironman is a 1.2 mile swim (in Tempe Town Lake - yuck!) then a 56 mile bike ride and then a 13.1 mile run (which is half a marathon). I am really proud of all his hard work. Even though he had two flat tires, he still had a good time and feels like he did a good job meeting his goals. It was fun going down there and cheering on all the competitors. David really enjoyed training for this and challenging himself with such a hard competition. I think he deserves a good night's rest and an epsom salt bath! Maybe even a foot rub...
finishing the last leg.
with his friend, Buddy, who convinced David to do the race with him.


  1. Go David!!! I wanna do one now!

    And that picture of you Liz....amazing. Just beautiful.

  2. awesome! also, holy babe alert! that pictures of you may be the best i've ever seen!


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