October 23, 2013

pump you up playlist

I used to be pretty awesome when it came to knowing music. In my early 20s, I felt really cool when friends would ask me to make them a mix CD of the best, new, hip songs. Then I had kids and now the "coolest" I get is Elizabeth Mitchell (who is pretty great). Recently my awesome friend, Katie, sent me a mix of "Songs to Keep You Hip" and it got me all excited about music again. David competed in his first half Ironman last weekend and I made him a playlist to get him all pumped up. It was my little way of saying "you can do this!" Then we found out the day before the race that they weren't allowed to have any earphones... bummer. Oh well. I listened to the playlist at the gym this morning and it is pretty great, if I do say so myself. If you're looking for a few songs to work out to, check these out.
mix tape teether toy here
The Lion The Beast The Beat // Grace Potter & The Nocturnals (here's why: great song for warm-up... trust me)
Cat & Mouse // Nikki & Rich (here's why: has a super fun retro feel that makes you want to dance)
I Believe in Love (Evil Queen Mix) // Lily Collins (here's why: because Bollywood is the best... and it's about love)
Perfect Games // The Broken West (here's why: the right cadence to get you back on track)
Dynamite // Taio Cruz (here's why: it's cliche but it gets your blood pumping)
Harlem // New Politics (here's why: great cadence for cycling uphill)
Good Time // Owl City (here's why: all their songs have a fun, happy, upbeat feel)
Let Go // RAC (here's why: another great cycling cadence but also just fun to sing along to)
Rocket // Goldfrapp (here's why: great beat, awesome chorus)
The Man Who Never Lied // Maroon 5 (here's why: Adam's voice can't be beat)
Brokenhearted // Karmin (here's why: fun, unique voice)
Roar // Katy Perry (here's why: um... ROAR)
Drive By // Train (here's why: you probably know the words so it's fun to sing along)
Young Blood // The Naked and Famous (here's why: this is the song that I get lost in and forget I'm running)
Mountain Sound // Of Monsters and Men (here's why: good, peppy song)
Domino // Jessie J (here's why: knock-off Katy Perry but a fun beat)
What You Know // Two Door Cinema Club (here's why: I dare you to not move while listening to this song)
Pompeii // Bastille (here's why: the chorus)
Want U Back // Cher Lloyd (here's why: total "teen" music but her aggressive bursts of rage are appropriate for a tough workout)
Sweet Disposition // The Temper Trap (here's why: because it's the best song ever created)
Counting Stars // OneRepublic (here's why: musical interest to keep you... well, interested but slow down a bit)
Mirrors // Justin Timberlake (here's why: I love to cool down to this)

What's your favorite song to work out to?


  1. AHHH Pompeii // Bastille! Yes! I don't work out (I should probably change that), but if, hypothetically, I were to work out, I'd probably rock out to most of your picks... LOL

  2. "Um, roar" ha ha ha! I love you. You should burn me a copy and bring it next time you come!

  3. downloaded them all.......thanks.
    off to work out

  4. Thanks for posting this. I just returned to running after a very long hiatus and am always looking for new songs to put on my playlist. There were two songs that really pumped me up on my most recent run: You Make Me by Avicii and Summertime Sadness Remix by Lana Del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais. So good!


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