September 4, 2013


One of the best parts of preschool is the creative projects that William gets to do. He's always coming home with a little something that he made, like a paper tree or a painted hand puppet. The look on his face when I pick him up every day is of pure excitement when he gets to show me what he's made. He asks if we can display it on the refrigerator and I gladly oblige. There's something so "official" about having your child's art on the refrigerator. On the first day of preschool, his teacher asked us to help our child make a scrapbook page about them for the class book. I enjoyed that assignment (here's last semester's).
I've been told that there are lots of nights of homework ahead of us (and I most certainly CAN wait for that) but these little silly preschool assignments are pretty fun. I ask William a few questions like, "Which one is your favorite paper?" or "Do you like this picture?" and then I get to actually scrapbook again! I haven't done that in years! This week he's supposed to bring in a little sack of things about him for a "Me Tree". I'm thinking I should try to find some little dog bones, cowboy stickers and a chocolate candy wrapper. That pretty much sums up my boy!

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