August 14, 2013

vocab of a 16 month old

I know this is completely uninteresting to anyone but me and David but I wanted to record some of the words that Fritz is saying at 16 months (and also because I wanted to use this cute picture of him at the beach from a few weeks ago).
Words Fritz says:
"What's this?"
"Head" (and points)
"Nose" (and points)
"Dada" (still no "Mama")
"Bee-bee" (baby)
"Dah" (dog)
"Bah" (ball)

Sounds Fritz makes:
Mmmmm (moo)
[piggy face with sniffing]
Rawwwr (lion, bear, tiger)

And that's all I can think of right now. There are more but those are the ones that he says the most. He totally understands everything we say and I love how he can follow directions now. It makes it so nice to have two little helpers. :)

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