August 5, 2013

pit stop at home

We just got back from the ranch last night and we are beat. We had SO much fun and I am in no position to edit the 800 pictures I took quite yet but I will tomorrow. There are plenty of cute ones! We stopped at the mountain cabin on the way home from the ranch to drop William off with David's mom and sister, so hopefully I will have some time to get stuff done this week. Life with one kid? I can do that! He's excited to hang out with them too. When we got there, I told him, "Hey Will, how do you feel about staying here for a few days with Bethy and Grandma?" He jumped out of the car and said, "OK Mom! Bye!" Ha! Maybe someday he'll learn to muster up some fake sadness.
I leave you with this gem from our week of family fun in New Mexico. William makes the cutest little cowboy. He wore his Jim Craig garb every day (and even to bed) and I was OK with that.

On the way home from the mountains David and I talked about our calendar for the next couple of months. It is so busy. Lots of good memories are being made this summer!

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