August 12, 2013

a new bee-bee

I have an amazing friend named Stephanie (I may have mentioned her a few times). She and her husband, Parker, are two of the most genuinely kind people I know. I always think of them as Jane and Mr. Bingley because they're both "so complying... so easy... and so generous". Over the last few years, they have wanted to start a family and it wasn't happening. It was so hard to watch two of the most deserving people I know struggle with such painful heartbreak. We all desperately wanted them to be parents because we knew that they would make beautiful children who would have the best upbringing full of love, kindness and devotion. After some amazing experiences and faith, Stephanie was able to become pregnant (she posted about her experience with infertility here - she is a beautiful writer). We were all thrilled of course and when she called to tell me the news, I burst into sobs. She and Parker are going to be the most wonderful parents!
In addition to being beautiful, smart, fun and musical, Stephanie also throws the most amazing parties (just look at her beautiful "Sky Light" celebration party that she threw the night before the IVF transfer). She is the queen of details, has amazing taste and creative juices flows through her veins. When they found out the gender of their baby, they kept it a secret so they could reveal it at a party with their closest friends in San Diego. The theme was "What Will It Bee?" and she had every delicious detail perfectly displayed. I wished I could have been there! She's also an incredible cook so I have no doubt that the food was perfect as well! Plus she had Lela to help her and those two are an awesome party-throwing duo! 
 Go check out her blog (that I just designed for her) to see more details of her party. It was so beautiful! 


  1. It's all true! They will be the best parents. Sometimes I think my kids like them more than US! Hurry up bébé Smith!!! We're dying to meet you!

    LOVE The Bloom Diary update, Liz! You're kind of amazing :)

  2. What a cute party and friend.
    I love what you did to her blog. The watercolor theme is so perfect! I need your help one of these days.


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