July 17, 2013


William is in this phase of pure imagination (which totally explains why he asks to watch "Willy Wonka" several times a day). His favorite things to do are pretend that he's Mickey Mouse, I'm Minnie, Daddy is Goofy and Fritz is Pluto (or "Rudolph" as he calls him). He also loves to play in my mom's dress-up box. She has lots of fun outfits in there but his favorite thing to do is take out the box of wigs and put them on for my entertainment. It's pretty funny to see him be so excited about making me laugh. This phase is my favorite so far!

I call this one the Lionel Richie.
 The Yeti.
This is the Bette Davis.
The Orangutan.
 The Larry.
 The Motley Crue.
 But then he just settled on the fleece-lined aviator cap. He's a cutie.


  1. Yep. I sat there and clicked every photo link. I think Yeti is my fave, with Motley Crue coming in a close second. Of course his cute smiley face with that sucker is a winner! I sure love that happy imaginative kiddo!


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