June 28, 2013

the golden 50

Today is my parents 50th, or golden, wedding anniversary. I am so grateful to them for their dedication to each other. It's been marvelous to watch their example of patience, kindness and working hard together. My parents have been through a lot and have always supported each other through trials. They've built eight homes, traveled to Europe over a dozen times, had eleven children and eaten at Tia Rosa's more times that you can count. :)

All through my time in their house growing up, I have many memories of my Mom and Dad showing their affection to each other. I would often snicker or roll my eyes when they would kiss or my Dad would tickle my Mom from behind and she would giggle, but it secretly made me feel really happy knowing that my parents loved each other. Even though my Mom was always busy, she always seemed to be genuinely happy to see my Dad when he got home from work. They always greeted each other with a smile and I remember thinking that when I got married I hoped that my husband would treat me that way. Thankfully, I did!

I have always admired the way that my parents "flow" together. They disagree at times but they are always respectful to each other and always treat each other as equals. I am so thankful to have examples of how to be a good spouse and the importance of including God in your marriage relationship. Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!


  1. I love your mom's dress; it's beautiful!

  2. No wonder you and your siblings are all so good looking-- look at those gorgeous parents of yours! I mean, seriously?!?


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