June 25, 2013

the broyds: part II

The next morning we went over to Ashley's house to see her fabulous new kitchen. It was so dreamy - I want to move in! I wish she would post pictures of the finished product (even though it's technically not "finished" yet) because it's so incredibly beautiful. She and her husband did an awesome job! Fritz was enamored with their dog, Daisy. She's the sweetest thing and was so calm and patient with Fritz as he followed her around and tried to smother her with slobbery kisses and hugs. Someday we'll get a dog. My new favorite was an adorable Bich-poo that I saw this weekend on the street. So cute!

Then Lela and I went to Tacos el Paisa, Inc. and I thoroughly enjoyed my adobada street tacos and my boys loved my horchata. I think I got one sip between the two of them.

That night we went to Burger Lounge (my favorite burger ever) for a girls night with Ashley, Kristi, Lela and Stephanie. We spent the whole evening talking. When we lived in San Diego, our husbands used to go on guys nights and we'd watch the kids and then we'd switch and go on girls nights as a group. It was fun to have friends whose husbands liked each other as well. We've laughed about how the guys nights always included some sort of activity while the girls just want to eat and talk for hours. I can't imagine them doing that! The thought of all our husbands gabbing away at a restaurant until closing time makes me giggle. 
The next morning we woke up early and went to Snooze for breakfast to celebrate Carrie's birthday. Chilaquiles eggs benedict and cinnamon roll pancake for the win! If you visit San Diego, you have to go to Snooze. Get there early though cause there's always a long wait!
Then we rushed back to the house and got all the kids ready for a day at the pool. After packing up the cooler with hot dogs, watermelon, chips and my favorite tortellini pasta salad with creamy garlic dressing, we met up with Kristi and Stephanie at the pool and spent the whole afternoon there. William is really into swimming lately. He spent almost every minute in that water and kept asking to do his "swimming lessons". He's actually getting really good! Fritz just enjoyed eating (of course), exploring the bushes and inspecting leaves on the ground. Ha!
We were all beat from a day in the sun and a fun-filled week and headed back to the Boyd's house. My boys were so exhausted that they fell asleep in the car and I fed them quickly and put them to bed at 6:45 and they were out like a light! I took a shower and Lela blow-dried my hair on the couch while we watched America's Funniest Home Videos and I cracked up listening to Sean bust a gut. Once again, good times with Lela and Sean. They're the best! Lela even scratched my head after she styled my hair and it felt sooooo good! That is the best feeling! Love my sister friend!


  1. Love you too, Boo! Your photos in this post are killing me smalls. I'm determined how to use my flipping camera now!

  2. I love that in every pic that ella's in she has her "perfect pose" such a girly girl. K after reading this just come on back now! We already miss your purdy face!!

  3. so pretty, you, your friends, and these photos!


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