May 20, 2013

europe 2013: day six

On Sunday morning we had another great breakfast before heading to church. It was a wonderful meeting and they provided us with headsets so we could understand. After church, we walked down the street to the Copenhagen LDS Temple. David I matched on accident and he was miffed about it all day. Ha! We were a lot of red.

My parents have a Danish friend who lives in Copenhagen named Torbin. He met us at the temple and we talked there for about an hour about some interesting Danish things and other stories about his life. It was really fun listening to him talk! Then we all hopped on the bus and headed to Thorvaldsen Museum.
waiting for the bus.
Going to the Thorvaldsen Museum was important for us because it has the original Christus statue. My church uses this statue in a lot of our buildings, including the Mesa Temple (which is the temple I grew up going to). The statue is beautiful in real life and we were told by the church curator that the gold behind the statue symbolizes eternity and we have to go through Jesus Christ to attain eternal life. That was really meaningful for me and I liked that a lot.
It was time for lunch after that so we walked over to Torvehallerne Market. Let me just interject that if you ever go to Copenhagen, go to this market. It was sooooo cool! We walked around for a while (and I was kind of camera happy - sorry!) and then we all got something to eat.
David stopped at a stand that was selling shredded duck sandwiches on a baguette. I had a bite of it and it was delicious but I was too excited to settle on something.
I ended up going to Gorm's Pizza and Sarah and I shared a delicious Margherita pizza with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil oil and arugula.
I also got this delicious salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, mozzarella, toasted pine nuts, balsamic reduction and basil dressing. It was yummy!
Denmark is known for their black licorice. They sell it everywhere! All of my siblings like black licorice (except one that I know of) - it must be in our blood. The black licorice was soooo good! Really warm and fresh and they also had the most delicious black licorice ice cream! The Danes also really love their salted black licorice which I didn't love quite as much but it was still tasty.
packages of fresh black licorice.
Then we walked around the city for a while longer and saw a few things before we went back to the hotel to change for dinner at Halifax Burger. We had a bit of a snafu getting there because our group was separated and there were a few different locations in Copenhagen, but when all was said and done, we all ate and had a great time.
Clint (BIL), Debbie (sister), my parents and Anette and Torbin. 


  1. I love what they said about the Christus! The shelf that holds my mini Christus statue has gold stripes behind it. Does that mean I subliminally want eternity to have stripes?!? Probably...

    Love the red dress, the pizza, the ranunculus and the black licorice. What a delicious day!

  2. Seriously! Your photos are amazing!!!! What are you doing?

    1. Thanks Sarah. I just finally learned how to use my camera! Ha! I did get a new camera though before the trip because my old one died (it was 5 years old) and I've been using a 35 mm lens which I think makes a big difference. Just wait til you see the pictures from Bornholm and Malmo - those turned out even better!

  3. I just love that you got to see the Christus and I especially love what they said about the gold and eternity! Love the red dress and ranunculus and drooling over the pizza, salad and black licorice. What a delicious day!


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