May 12, 2013

back in the motherland

We're back in the USA and it feels nice to be home. Don't get me wrong - I am really missing the beauty (and chocolate) of Europe but my arms were sure empty without my babies and there's nothing quite like sleeping in one's own bed. Also, have you ever noticed how hard it is to eat your vegetables when you're eating at a restaurant for every meal? We ate delicious, well-prepared food but I have seriously been craving a big bowl of broccoli. 

I hope you'll all indulge me over the next week or so while I document this epic trip. We had such a wonderful time and I want to be able to remember every detail when I print out my blog books - I hope you find it interesting because I sure did! 

This trip was "adults only" so we asked David's family if they would watch the boys. It worked out really well that we had already bought out plane tickets from San Diego before we found out we were moving to Arizona so we just drove William and Frederick over to my in-laws (they live an hour and a half away from San Diego) and stayed one night. 

It was starting to get really hot so they spent a lot of time playing in the hose from the first day they arrived. Fritz was trying to catch the water from the hose and then Will joined him and they went through the "car wash" in his blue truck. I took these pictures that first afternoon and looked at them every day while we were gone and I was missing my babies. 
this one especially made me miss him like crazy!
The next morning we woke up early and got ready to leave. We had prepped William a lot and told him that we were going to be gone for a while and would bring him back a present - and what would he like? Chocolate and an airplane he said. So, with that in mind, I kissed them both for the millionth time and we drove to San Diego. After meeting up with a friend and running some errands, we went to Con Pane for lunch with Ashley, Kristi, Lela and Sean (good thing or else it would've been David and a bunch of girls). It was so great to see my girl friends (and enjoy a divine turkey cobb sandwich).

After that, David and I finished our errands and went to Lela's house so she could drive us to the airport. Then we got on the airplane at almost 9 p.m. on our way to London . . .


  1. Welcome home!
    I can imagine that you have missed your beautiful boys! Enjoy being together again!!!

    Greetings from Europe,

  2. Those pics of the boys are PRICELESS! I bet they made you miss them like crazy :) I'm stoked to hear every detail of your trip! Go, Mama Go!!


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