April 29, 2013

hello europe!

We are leaving for Europe today and here is a picture of Fritz saying, "Wait, you are leaving me for almost two weeks? Don't be surprised if I shun you and refuse to sleep through the night as punishment when you get back - SUCKER!" I am going to miss my boys something fierce but I am SO excited!!!!! Like, too excited to sleep! I have a few posts scheduled while I'm gone and then I will to have awesome pictures to share when I get back as well as some travel tips that I've been writing down as I've prepared for this trip (it's been five years in the making!)


  1. Congratulations!!! Going to Europe has always been one of my (many) dreams... And your boy is so stinkin' cute! I know I'd have a hard time living my child, too. Have an amazing time, and I look forward to the pictures! Praying for you.


  2. So excited for you! Have a blast. Can't wait to hear the travel tips when you get back! Oh and of course, pictures;)

  3. Have a blast!!! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about your trip when your back.

  4. That FACE! How did you even capture that awesomeness? It should be an ecard...I could think of a gillion hilarious captions.


    PSS. YAY seeing you before and after your aero-plane rides :)


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