April 7, 2013

granite flats

I have been watching Granite Flats on BYUtv and I am impressed. A lot of times "family friendly" shows can seem really low-budget and kind of cheesy but this one had me interested from the beginning. Just like most pilots, this one is a little rough around the edges at first but I think it's worth continuing to watch to see where it goes. I am always wanting to support good, clean media entertainment and I'm so happy that there's something that I'm actually excited to support. I wish my boys were older so they could get excited about watching it too. The costumes are awesome, the videography is interesting and the story-line left me wanting more. Plus, Jonathan Morgan Heit is adorable. It premiered tonight and I really recommend it!
I love 60's stuff and the costumes made me think of other great retro movies and shows that I loved when I was younger (like Gidget - which, now that I think about it, is really dumb) and since it feels like summer in Arizona already, I started thinking about how fun retro swim stuff is. Check it out:
Swim Cap
Yellow Colorblock Tote
Retro Sunglasses
Vintage Swim Suit

And lastly, please support Granite Flats! If you don't have BYUtv on cable, you can also watch it:
- Free with the BYUtv app
- Free with your ROKU
- Free on the BYUtv website

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  1. seriously isn't he just so darn cute?! glad you liked it. i love that collage you made! pinning now.


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