March 25, 2013

box + toilet shenanigans

Boxes make the best toys. You all know that, right? The other day an enormous Amazon box arrived with William's new car seat in it and the boys had a ball playing inside. Then it turned into a truck when William asked me to draw on the sides (and - surprise! - he insisted on having some dogs in the back seat). Also, don't make fun of my awesome drawing skills. 
We even turned the butcher paper inside into a "racing road" and William ran back and forth over and over again in his undies while Fritz squealed with delight and tried to follow him in his Frankenstein toddle. Man, I love this age.
Then he went to the bathroom while I was feeding the baby lunch and it was rather quiet in there for a long time (I should've known . . . ). When I went to see what was going on in there, he stood there with this guilty look on his face and said, "I just wipe my bum, Mom." Yep, that's an entire roll of toilet paper. It was really fun to fish out.
This post describes most of our days. We also take lots of walks down to the end of my parents' street and visit our neighbor's field where several baby goats live. They are crazy cute. Just trying to relish this lovely weather before it gets hot.
P.S. Fritz is soooooo cute.

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  1. such cuties! :) what kind of strollers are these? i'm looking for one and have a hard time choosing..


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