January 7, 2013

will + fritz

Hey time, can you slow down? William and Frederick are growing up way too fast. I love seeing their milestones and I love each day I spend with them but I swear time is speeding up! Sunday was William's first day at Primary so I thought I'd take some pictures of them in their church clothes - it didn't work out very well as I danced a crazy rain dance to try to make them smile. They laughed and laughed but we don't know how to use our camera so we got some really overexposed shots with shadows. Someday I'll read all those tutorials I've pinned on Pinterest and figure it out. Maybe.
Frederick is officially nine months and as active as ever. He currently walks holding one hand but sometimes we do a little Fred and Cyd move and he twirls accidentally and ends up on the floor. He's tough though and usually stands right back up. He is William's biggest fan and William returns the sentiment. They are BEST friends and it makes me so happy. All day long, Fritz follows Will around the house crawling as fast as he can while William says, "Come on, Fritzy!" He has been known to lock Frederick and himself in his bedroom so I "can't come in" and I hear them giggling like little minions as I jimmy his door open. It's really cute.

Frederick at nine months:
- weight: 19 pounds 12 ounces (51%)
- height: 28.5 inches (55%)
- has two teeth and eats like a teenage boy (constantly and is a bottomless pit)
- never stops moving unless he's asleep (I'm not exaggerating - this is why he eats like he does is only 51% for weight)
- makes deep "mmmmm" noises when pushing a car
- half breastfeeds, half bottle feeds. I thought he was done nursing when we were in Arizona for Christmas (which made me sad but I was moving on) but when we got back, he was all about it so he's about half and half. I love that he takes a bottle though! It's the bomb.com.
- sleeps 12 hours a night and takes two really great two hour naps. He's a champ.
- smiles at everyone and is very social and friendly. He only recently has become a little shy with strangers and lays his head into my neck while smiling at them now. It's very sweet. I just love him.

William at three years:
- still not potty trained. I just can't get motivated - diapers are so much easier! I know he is getting ready though and we talk to him all the time about how he needs to go in the potty so he can go to school. That's a HUGE motivator for him because he's dying to go to preschool and talks about it every day.
- is really starting to show his imagination. We love hearing the funny things he comes up with.
- his latest favorite shows are Blues Clues and Disney's Fox & The Hound. Both have dogs in them so that's probably why.
- he loves his stuffed dog that he named Baxter and sleeps with him every night and plays with him every day. That poor kid needs a real dog someday.

I'm so lucky I get to be the mom of these sweet boys. They make me so happy!


  1. After Fritz and I made eyes at each other in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, Rowdy said, "Is that the way I need to flirt with you now? Mouth open, drooling?" Well, no, but Fritzie is awfully cute.

  2. They are so cute! William has his mother's eyes (-:
    It is always enjoyable nursing your baby (I did nurse my boys too, all three of them)


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