January 17, 2013

soccer mom

I recently signed William up for soccer at the YMCA and he had his first practice this week (they don't have games so I guess it's technically always practice - haha!) It was really cute. He has no idea what he's doing but he had fun running around, picking up the ball (I tried explaining later that it wasn't allowed but he didn't get it - it's all good) and near the end he wandered off and looked at some bugs on the fence. You know - the usual for a three-year-old.
Then he picked his nose. And then he came over to the fence and said, "It's cold, Mom. I'm done." I paid for six weeks of this, buddy! Next time I'll bring a sweater . . . and maybe blow your nose first. :)
Meanwhile, Fritz crawled all over the dirty ground while I took a million pictures and got filthy. At least he was having fun! And he's super cute.


  1. Your children are tooooooooo cute!!!!!!

  2. Sounds so familiar to when we signed our 3 year old up for tiny tots soccer. Boy was that the longest month of my life! I think he had more fun wandering, laying on the sidewalk, eating snacks, and asking to play on the playground every 2 minutes than he had playing soccer! Needless to say, we're gonna wait a couple more years before we sign him up again! :0)


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