January 14, 2013

babes - not babies

This weekend we did something we haven't done in a really long time - we went on a quadruple date with some friends without our kids! Going to one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego with some of my favorite people on earth was perfection. I've said it a bunch of times, but I have the best friends. I love them all for different reasons and think they're pretty much amazing. I'm really blessed.
These are our dudes. We like them. They like us. We like each other. It's a very happy situation. Also, the smiles and loving gazes across the table in this picture make me laugh.
Yes, we took a picture with this pillow because we have a little running joke about "putting a bird" on things. Also, Lela and I really look related in this picture (and in real life - we get told that often and I like it cause she's the best).

And this is my "I'm freezing, hurry and take the picture" face. It was SO cold (a.k.a. 35 degrees) that night. My days in Idaho should have prepared me for this but I'm still a wimp. All that matters though, is that I ate good food in a cool restaurant with awesome people and had a great time. The end.

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  1. It's seriously the bestest compliment EVER when people think we're sistas!


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