December 18, 2012

to the north pole, of course!

My friends decided to throw a Polar Express party this last weekend and it was really cute and fun! All our kids wore their pajamas and Lela made jingle bell bracelets, train tickets and a hot chocolate bar. The kids were freaking out in excitement! It was so loud and chaotic but that's how everything is with kids, so we were used to it.
Once they got their popcorn bags, their drinks and their blankets we turned on the movie and then the adults enjoyed some great conversation and food. I brought my cranberry cilantro jalapeno dip and peppermint oreo truffles (I'll post the recipe later this week). After a while the kids starting running around again and playing - everyone, that is, except William. He laid there on his pillow and watched almost the entire movie (except the last four minutes and then he got tired). I looked over about an hour into the movie and started laughing when I saw him just hanging out on the floor. He was pretty exhausted that day.
Unfortunately I was wrapped up in hanging out with my awesome friends and didn't take many pictures to document the night but it was fun and cozy to be surrounded by people I love.

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  1. Good times per usual ;) This is definitely an annual gig! Kiddos insist :)


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