December 13, 2012

robot boys room board

Robots are funny, don't you think? I wonder what my boys will like when they're older? Will they want their rooms decorated for sports, Star Wars (yes, please), airplanes? It's fun to think about and there are so many fun robot things out there right now with an awesome retro vibe. Anyway, I love "imagine designing". If you want a custom mood board done, e-mail me or check out my pricing here.

1. Grey Linen Drapes
2. Grass Border Sham
3. Mr. Small Robot Pillow
4. Big Robot Alphabet Print
5. Walter No. 37561 Print
6. Dokter + Misses Lamp
7. Yellow Martini Side Table
8. Gray Pierre Chair
9. Draper Ink and Cream Rug
10. Chartreuse Media Cart
11. Scholar Twin Bed (from Crate and Barrel)
12. Remix Blanket
13. Coil Head Robot
14. Guthrie Cubebot
15. Red Retro Alarm Clock
16. Robot Bedding

1 comment:

  1. Love! I want the remix blanket and Gray Pierre chair!! WANT WANT WANT!


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