December 11, 2012

getting in the spirit

We have been super lame this Christmas season. I made an advent calendar and had all these grand ideas to fill each day with a Christmas activity . . . and yet, each  number sits empty. I just can't seem to get it together and feel like nobody in my family cares if I do these traditions or not. I tell myself that my boys are probably too young to remember but really, that's not true with William. I decided it was time to get our family in the Christmas spirit, so on Sunday night I made some hot chocolate and Will loved drinking it out of his cow mug that my in-laws brought back from Switzerland (it has a little cow inside that shows up as you drink it). He thought it was great fun to have marshmallows in his "chock-oh-let".
getting it to the right temperature.
tasting it to make sure it's just right.
ahhhh - perfect!
Then we snuggled up on the sofa and watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas to the soft glow of our Christmas tree lights. That movie kills me every time. I can't help it! Jimmy Stewart = Christmas. William sat and watched the whole thing and we felt the true spirit of this season - it was lovely. Tomorrow, we will go see the Christmas lights and hear some live music at the San Diego Temple. I'm excited to start doing some fun Christmas things before this season is over - it always ends too soon!


  1. I think kids remember simple things and feeling special around the holiday season, like lights and hot chocolate!

  2. I LOVE Mr. K's christmas! We've been watching a holiday fave every night!! Lets plan some more Christmas fun!!! I have an idea...I'll text you.


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