December 5, 2012

back in town celebration

About 5 months ago one of my dearest friends moved to Virginia and we were left with a big hole where they used to be. It was so sad to have them move and we all hoped and prayed that they would move back once her husband had completed some training there. Two months ago we got word that they were moving to Washington and we all grieved - serious grieving! Then, last minute, they found out that the plans had changed and they were coming back to San Diego after all! It was like a dream!
These dear friends of mine try to have Sunday dinner once a month. It is chaos with all our kids but I wouldn't have it any other way. I look forward to it every time! This month, to celebrate their return, we had it at Ashley's house (I wish she would do a tour of her house on my blog because it is SO adorable) and had soup, salad and I made 8 dozen rolls (excessive much?) and my sister-in-law's nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies with sea salt. It was really fun to chat it up with my "family" here in San Diego. They have blessed my life so much with their friendship.

P.S. Are you dying at how chubby I look in those pictures from the Memorial Day link? It seems like a million years ago that I looked like that! So glad to be where I am now, physically and mentally. :)


  1. DUDE!! I feel the same way about you. About all of you. I am so so so so so so so happy to be back home! I love you all to the moon and back.

    PS. Yes Ash!!!!! Do a house tour!!!

    PSS. It's amazing how you've transformed! Get it gurrrrrrl!!!

    PSSS. I am dying about how chubby I look in BOTH posts. Aye-carumba!

  2. A wild stab here, they aren't with Diplomatic Security are they? Glad you've been reunited. That is awesome!

    I love the Sunday dinner idea. I think I might just have to try that!

    1. The hubster is an Intelligence Officer in the Navy :-)

      ...and yes. Sunday dinners are the BEST!

    2. Aah. Very cool. The timing of the training, and the fact that DS has a field office in San Diego made me wonder.


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