November 2, 2012


William is three today. My grandpa always had a little saying that went "when they're two they belong to you, when they're three they belong to me"! I love three. Yes, there's this little independent spirit inside of him that's aching to get out and show the world what he can do but along with it comes this kind of sweetness and wonderful victory that I see as he begins to understand choices and consequences, right and wrong. William is a good boy. He is kind and gentle. Smart and funny. He makes me happy every. single. day.
Things I love about my sweet little fellow:
- the way his voice goes up about three octaves when he prays. 
- his impressive concentration. He will work at something a long time (like stacking things, putting a puzzle together, getting everything all lined up perfectly).
- loves trains, boats, cars, trucks - anything that moves but also has a sweet gentleness. My friend has a bunch of baby dolls at her house and he loves to put them in blankets and kiss them goodnight. He also takes very good care of his stuffed animals that live in his teepee.
- I heard him singing "jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, little sack of sugar I could eat you up" to Fritz in the car the other day and I got teary-eyed.
- the way he says "chock-oh-late" makes me so happy.
- he pronounces his name "Wee-um", calls his dad "Dave" and when you ask what my name is he says "Mommy Bryant" (in case there's any confusion).
- when he wakes up in the morning he either a) stands at his door and knocks until I tell him he can come out b) sneaks stealthily into the kitchen and climbs on top of the counter to look on top of the refrigerator for candy or c) eats a half a package of deli ham out of the fridge before I wake up (not crazy about any of those actually but they do make me laugh).


  1. He is so stinkin' cute! Happy Birthday Wee-um!

  2. Happy happy birthday William! I hope you've had a very sunshiny day. Did you get nice presents?

    Your mummy and daddy are very proud of you (I can reed between the lines (-:)

  3. We love Wee-um! The most beautiful boy there ever was.

  4. He is too cute for words! Looks like he had a great birthday! Can't wait to see more pics of his dog party!


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