November 21, 2012


- to know that I am a child of God.

- to have a husband who loves me, treats me kindly, is dedicated to our family and works hard.
New York - 2011

- to have been blessed with being able to give birth to my sweet children.

- to have a healthy body that does amazing things.

- to be a part of a wonderful family.
"cheesing it up" for my parents - 2006

- to have loving friends.
Jaimey, Ashley, Julie, Stephanie, Lela, me, Jamie, Kristi, Kara and Bobbi

- to have a comfortable home, clothing and food.

- to have hobbies and talents.
one of my paintings that hangs in our living room.
  a cooking demonstration for church.
 the wedding cake I made for Marcus and Ashley's wedding.

- to live in a beautiful world. I'm so thankful for my life and to God for giving me all my blessings. I am so humbled.
one of my most favorite places - Paradise Creek
Powerscourt Palace - Ireland


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